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Tools for Schools

CMBA Tools For Schools Fund recently contributed over $25,000  to 13 area high schools for their industrial tech departments to help teach the building trades.  Your donation will put tools in the hands of future builders.  The Tools for Schools Fund is the brain-child of the former CMBA President, Craig Schoenberg of Schoenberg Construction.

The potential in young people today is amazing and their future is bright! The members of the CMBA believe this and want to ensure that construction trades students will be better equipped to discern the best fit for their future.  Ultimately, this will benefit us – our community - as we will have skilled, intelligent and savvy workers and business owners in the trades. 

How do you define a tool?  Of course, it is a hammer - it could also be a calculator, a computer program, knowledge, experience...  A tool is anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose.  Such as education is a tool for success.  The Central Minnesota Builders Association (CMBA) Tools For Schools Committee wishes to renovate the term “Tools”.

CMBA Tools for Schools Fund Highlights

    • To date, the CMBA provided $89,118 to area schools through the Tools for Schools Fund 
    • You can view a slideshow and video on what the Tools for Schools Funds have done for local high schools

CMBA Tools for Schools Fund Goals

The goal of this initiative is for the current and past presidents of the CMBA to connect.

  • Connect with the public to raise money for specific projects.
  • Connect necessary tools with classrooms.
  • Connect with students through speaking engagements in classes.
  • Connect with Advisors and Counselors to better aide them in guiding the students.
  • And finally, connect the CMBA to the future workforce.

Contact us regarding an application for Tools for Schools Grant - High School Industrial Technology instructors.