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About CMBA


The CMBA strives to improve the Central Minnesota building industry by advocating for the industry at the local, state, and national levels; educating our members about building industry best practices; and connecting our members in activities that strengthen competitiveness, professionalism, and the public’s confidence in our industry.


The CMBA would like to create an environment in which:

  • All people have the opportunity to realize the American Dream of home ownership
  • Builders have the freedom to operate as entrepreneurs in an open and competitive environment
  • Housing and those who provide it are recognized as the strength of the nation


Central Minnesota Builders Association got its start in 1971 by a small group of builders and associate members. Their goal was to increase the professionalism and quality of the homebuilding industry. Over the years the association has grown to include builders, remodelers, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other professionals who support the building industry. Members subscribe to a defined code of ethics. All builder and remodeler members are licensed through the state of Minnesota and must comply with the rules, regulations, and continuing education requirements set by state statute.